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It’ll Be Dark Soon [Es wird scho glei dumpa] (Christmas from Germany, vol. IV)

How Lovely Shines the Morning Star [Wie Schon Leuchtet der Morgenstern] (Christmas from Germany, vol. III)

Lulapze Jezuniu [Lullaby] (Christmas from Poland, vol. I)

From Heaven Above (Bach harmonization organ preludes)

Manna From On High (Bourgeois organ preludes)

We Come, Aware of Sin (Cruger organ preludes)

Heavenly Friend, The [Der Himmlische Freund] (Bach organ preludes, vol. I)

Over Lambing Fields, a Light (Michael F. Moody, Christmas, vol. III)

What Brilliant Light (Michael F. Moody, Christmas, vol III)

Songs of Joy (Michael F. Moody Christmas, vol. III)