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Fire Has Begun in Bethlehem, A [En Belen Tocan a Fuego] (Christmas from Spain)

Charge to Keep I Have, A (Lowell Mason preludes)

Pat-a-Pan [Burgundian Carol] (Christmas from France, vol. II)

Whence Art Thou, My Maiden? [D’ou Viens-Tu, Bergere?] (Christmas from France, vol. III)

We Shepherds, Assembled Here [Ca, berber, assemblous-nous] (Christmas from France, vol. II)

Shepherds, Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep [Berger secouer ton sommeil profound] (Christmas from France, vol. II)

Hasten, Ye Shepherds (Christmas from Poland, vol. II)

Midst the Deep Silence [Wsrod Noenej Ciszy] (Christmas from Poland, vol. I)

Over That Mountain [Przy Onej Gorze] (Christmas from Poland, vol. I)

Crib So Poor and Narrow [Ach Ubogi Zlobie] (Christmas from Poland, vol. I)