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Beside Thy Cradle Here I Stand [Ich steh’ an Deiner Krippe Hier] (Christmas from Germany, vol. V)

Shepherds Come [Pastores Venid] (Christmas from Spain)

Go Ye to Bethlehem [Pastores a Belen] (Christmas from Spain)

Come, All Ye Children [Venid todos los ninos] (Christmas from Spain)

Mother’s Lullaby, A [A la Nanita Nana] (Christmas from Spain)

Hark! Ye Shepherds [Graziate voi pastori] (Christmas from Italy)

Oh! Dear Jesus [Oh, Caro Gesu] (Christmas from Italy)

Mary, Dear Mother of Jesus [Maria, cara madre di Gesu] (Christmas from Italy)

Sleep, Sleep Lovely Babe [Dormi, dormi o bel Bambin] (Christmas from Italy)

Oh, How Joyfully [O Sanctissima] (Christmas from Italy)