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Where Go Ye Now? [Quoi, ma voisines, es-tu fachee?] (Christmas from France, vol. I)

Tell Me, Child, Who Are You From? [Dime, nino, de quien eres?] (Christmas from Spain)

Son of Mary, The [El Noi de la Mare] (Christmas from Spain)

Oh! Night Among the Thousands [Oh! Note tra la migliaia] (Christmas from Italy)

Thou Came Down From the Stars [Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle] (Christmas from Italy)

Christ Child [Gesu Bambino] (Christmas from Italy)

How Vain the Cruel Herod’s Fear [Wie eitel die Angst des grausamen Herodes] (Christmas from Germany, vol. I)

Immortal Babe [Unsterbliches Babe] (Christmas from Germany, vol. I)

Ship is Coming Laden, A [Es kommt ein Schiff, geladen] (Christmas from Germany, vol. I)

Christmas Carol [Julesange-ved Julen] (Christmas from Denmark)