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Oh! Infant Jesus [Oh! Gesu Bambino] (Christmas from Italy)

In Bethlehem [A Betlemme] (Christmas from Italy)

Loving Mother of the Redeemer [Alma Redemptorius Mater] (Christmas from Italy)

Joyful Christmas Song, A (Christmas in Europe organ preludes)

First Light is the Word of God, The [Det forste lyse er ordet talt af Gud] (Christmas from Denmark)

To Say Goodbye to the World [At sige verden ret farvel] (Christmas from Denmark)

Little Child So Merry, A [Et lidet Barn saa lystelig] (Christmas from Denmark)

Between the Ox and the Gray Donkey [Entre le boeuf et l’ane gris] (Christmas from France, vol. I)

Blue Sky is So Lovely, The [Dejlig er den Himmel blaa] (Christmas from Denmark)

Ye Green and Glittering Tree [Du Gronne, Glitrende Tre] (Christmas from Denmark)