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Let Our Gladness Have No End [Pojdzmy Wszy Sey] (Christmas from Czechoslovakia)

Rocking Carol [Hajej, Nynej, Jezisku] (Christmas from Czechoslovakia)

Bell Ringer, The [Los Campanilleros] (Christmas from Spain)

Fire Has Begun in Bethlehem, A [En Belen Tocan a Fuego] (Christmas from Spain)

Companions, All Sing Loudly [Todos las companeras cantan en voz alta] (Christmas from Spain)

Come, Shepherds Come [Vamos pastores vamos] (Christmas from Spain)

Shepherds Come [Pastores Venid] (Christmas from Spain)

Go Ye to Bethlehem [Pastores a Belen] (Christmas from Spain)

Come, All Ye Children [Venid todos los ninos] (Christmas from Spain)

Mother, There is a Child at the Door [Madre, en la Puerta hay un Nino] (Christmas from Spain)