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Wisemen Watching (Christmas from France, vol. II)

Shepherds, Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep [Berger secouer ton sommeil profound] (Christmas from France, vol. II)

From Heaven Above [Von Himmel oben] (Christmas from Germany, vol. V)

Beside Thy Cradle Here I Stand [Ich steh’ an Deiner Krippe Hier] (Christmas from Germany, vol. V)

Where Go Ye Now? [Quoi, ma voisines, es-tu fachee?] (Christmas from France, vol. I)

Babe Lies in the Cradle, A [Ein Babe liegt in der Wiege] (Christmas from Germany vol. II)

“Tis the Eve of Christmas [Es ist der Vorabend von Weihnachten] (Christmas from Germany, vol. I)

Frozen Wintertime [Schone Winterszeit] (Christmas from Germany, vol. I)

Every Year Again [Alle Jahre wieder] (Christmas from Germany, vol. I)

O Come Little Children [Ihr Kinderlein, kommet] (Christmas from Germany, vol. I)