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Old King Cole (Nursery Rhyme duets, vol. V)

Children of Our Heavenly Father (Home and Family piano preludes, vol. I)

Helping (Pioneer piano preludes, vol. II)

Helping – Heritage piano preludes II
Free for non-commercial use.

I Am a Child of God (Home and Family piano preludes, vol. II)

Dearest Children, God is Near You (Home and Family piano preludes, vol. II)

Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus (Tenor, choir, violin)

Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus

Free for non-commercial use.

Pioneer Children Sang As They Walked (Pioneer piano preludes, vol. I)

A Little Carol, Christmas Duets for Children

A Little Carol ( Christmas Piano Duets for Children)  Free for non-commercial use.   A collection of simplified Christmas duets for children.