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Christmas Lullaby (John Rutter Christmas preludes)

Companions, All Sing Loudly [Todos las companeras cantan en voz alta] (Christmas from Spain)

Christmas Carol [Julesange-ved Julen] (Christmas from Denmark)

Come Leave Your Sheep [Quittez, Pasteurs] (Christmas from France, vol. III)

March of the Three Kings, The [La March des Rois] (Christmas from France, vol. II)

Poor the Surroundings [Mizerna, Cicha (II Medodja)] (Christmas from Poland, vol. I)

Comely the Maiden [Sliczna Panienka] (Christmas from Poland, vol. I)

In a Manger Bed (Sally DeFord, Christmas, vol. III)

It’s Christmas All Year Long (Michael F. Moody, Christmas, vol. III)

Baby in a Manger (Sally DeFord, Christmas, vol. I)