A Gift of Thanks (Thanksgiving Organ Preludes)

A Gift of Thanks (Thanksgiving Organ Preludes)

Free for non-commercial use.


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    Lani Reynolds May 5, 2018

    Thank you for your generous offering to us organists who have limited time on the organ and have to share a building key.
    With love,

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    Susan Beddes July 24, 2018

    Thanks so much. It’s really hard to find organ preludes.

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    Teresa Osorio September 20, 2018

    Thank you! I’m so excited to try your arrangements!

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    Nancy Andrus October 18, 2021

    I’m so excited to try your Thanksgiving preludes! Thank you for sharing these online for free–they will truly be a blessing to me and my congregation!

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    Moana Dalton November 8, 2021

    Thank you for sharing these. It is nice to have organ arrangements and for you to give them away for free is very kind. Thank you for sharing your talents. I am excited to play them in church this month.

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