A Carol For Our King (Christmas Organ Preludes vol. I)

A Carol For Our King Vol I  Free for non-commercial use.  A collection of 13 Christmas hymn arrangements for organ.


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    William G. Miller III December 15, 2014

    Always appreciate new resources of free music for expanding my ministry on the ORgan at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

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    Diane Keys December 18, 2014

    Thank you Laurel for this gift. Your arrangements are lovely and not too difficult for an amateur to play.

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    Debbie Oborn November 22, 2015

    Thank you, Thank you! I happened to find your site tonight and I am trying out your Thanksgiving prelude collection tomorrow in sacrament. I am going to download these Christmas ones for next month as well. This is wonderful!

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    Ann Hartley December 1, 2015

    Laurel, I express my gratitude for the beautiful Christmas music. I am hoping to share it with my congregation.

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    Josh Mars December 14, 2015

    Super awesome!

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    harry July 19, 2022

    thanks, retired, had ministrokes and all that cant do a bunch of hobbies I liked to do so I bout a keyboard and figured I’d try to learn music. Started thinking I was not going to pull this off and then figured the heck with that I am going to do this….period. So I am looking for music to learn and play for myself….anyway thanks

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